Front line care program showing positive results

A front line care program currently being implemented in a number of hospitals around the state is showing positive results, according to a recent survey of health care staff.

The program, “Transforming Care at the Bedside,” or TCAB, empowers front-line health care workers to take the lead in implementing changes that result in better care. The survey shows at 10 percent increase in better access to supplies and equipment to better perform their work; a 12 percent improvement in communication among peers; and a 16 percent increase in those who express, “my ideas seem to count.”

TCAB is a four-pronged approach, that includes safe and reliable care; vitality and teamwork; patient-centered care; and value-added care processing. The survey measured vitality and teamwork, and the results were shared at a TCAB conference hosted by OAHHS in March.

The survey was given to health care professionals taking part in the TCAB initiative. The increase in percentage points were measured against a baseline survey conducted in July 2011. Results from the February 2012 survey include:

  • 5% Increase: “The support services to this unit respond in a timely way.”
  • 1% Increase: “Essential patient care equipment is in good working condition in this unit.”
  • 12% Increase: “I can discuss challenging issues with care team members on this unit.”
  • 10% Increase: “I speak up if I have a patient safety concern.”
  • 15% Increase: “If I have an idea about how to make things better on this unit, the manager and other staff are willing to try it.”
  • 16% Increase: “My ideas really seem to count on this unit.”
  • 10% Increase: “Care team members on this unit feel free to question the decisions or actions of those with more authority.”
  • 18% Increase: “Important patient care information is exchanged during shift changes.”
  • 19% Increase: “Care professionals communicate complete patient information during hand-offs.”

To learn more about TCAB, click here.

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