Patient Safety

2011 HealthGrades Report

Access to objective, third-party information is critical to today’s health consumer, and being able to compare the quality of care enables patients to make informed decisions about where to access it.

Since 1998, the national consumer organization called HealthGrades has helped consumers make informed health decisions by providing them with the ability to research quality information on hospitals and providers. Each year, HealthGrades scores the nation’s hospitals to evaluate performance.

To determine performance, HealthGrades analyzes approximately 40 million Medicare discharges at nearly every U.S. hospital. HealthGrades assigns each hospital a star rating across 27 procedures and diagnoses, ranging from pneumonia to heart failure to hip replacement. For each, hospitals are assigned a 5-star (best), 3-star (as expected) or 1-star (poor) rating.

This is one of many consumer-based ratings programs in the marketplace. We encourage patients to consult with their local hospital and their care providers when making decisions about where to receive health care. Oregon hospitals review their clinical procedures regularly to ensure they are providing the most appropriate care to patients. In partnership with the Oregon Association of Hospitals and Health Systems (OAHHS), hospitals participate in statewide health care quality collaboratives to improve a patient’s experience and clinical outcome. This is an ongoing process improvement effort which includes a multi-disciplinary approach.

HealthGrades’ Eighth Annual Patient Safety in American Hospitals study can be found here.

To visit the HealthGrades website, click here.

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